Start Off the New Year Strong With Our Transformational Nutrition and Weight Loss Program

The new year means new resolutions, and plenty of people want to lose a little weight. Starting a new diet and joining a gym are good first steps, but visiting a doctor might be the best way to find guidance and establish a medical weight loss plan. 

In Calhoun, Georgia, Complete Wellness provides a transformational nutrition and weight loss program for those looking to turn over a new leaf. This plan offers structure, accountability, and medical expertise. The program includes lessons on nutrition, so you can keep off the pounds you shed during your weight loss journey. 

Medical weight loss plans vs. personal plans 

Many people don't consider contacting a doctor when they decide to lose weight. This is a common oversight. However, it’s important to consider your safety when beginning a weight loss program. 

Having the guidance and expertise of a doctor can help you shed pounds faster and maintain a healthy lifestyle after the weight has been lost. A doctor can also identify any health issues that might interfere with your diet and exercise plan. 

The Complete Wellness program includes: 

When building your own weight loss regimen, it can be difficult to know what direction to go when a certain diet doesn't provide the results you want. The personalized nature of a medical plan means that your concerns will be addressed, and your diet can be changed in productive ways to suit your needs. 

Nutrition education also provides the knowledge that you need to make healthy decisions moving forward. Many people have a general idea of how nutrition works, but these surface-level ideas are deepened during your Complete Wellness visits. These lessons clear up misconceptions about nutrition and dieting, while giving you a broader understanding of how your body processes food and nutrients. 

The long-term benefits of medical weight loss programs

Losing weight and establishing a healthy diet can improve every aspect of your health, including: 

When you finally reach the end of your program, you'll have done more than lose weight. You'll have established a healthier lifestyle, learned about nutrition, and improved your overall wellness. 

If your New Year's resolution involves shedding pounds, seeking out a doctor's help is the first step to achieving your goals. You can reach Dr. Rochelle Davis and the Complete Wellness team by calling 706-602-2554 or visiting our contact page

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