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BrainTap: The Answer to Alleviating Your Stress and Anxiety

While the causes and triggers for stressful and negative thoughts and feelings are often the result of external factors like jobs, lifestyle, and relationships, our brains are in control of everything we do. 

From overeating to procrastination, worry, and difficulty sleeping, a calm and balanced mind is the jumping-off point for dealing with many issues. How we direct our brain is essential for achieving your goals, making positive changes, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

At Complete Wellness, located in Calhoun, Georgia, our team of specialists offers a range of holistic and rehabilitative services.

What is BrainTap® and how does it work?

BrainTap harnesses the natural power of brain waves to help you achieve calm, relaxation, and focus in several ways. From managing your stress to finding and holding on to the motivation to lose weight or tackle a new goal, braintapping offers many advantages.   

Brain activity is modulated by several types of brain waves that flow at different frequencies:

  • Delta (0 - 4 Hz)

  • Theta (4 - 8 Hz)

  • Alpha (8 - 12 Hz)

  • Beta 12 - 40 Hz)

  • Gamma (40 - 100 Hz)

Each brain wave frequency corresponds with different states and activities. For example:

  • Sleep - Delta brain waves

  • Relaxation/introspection - Theta and Alpha brain waves

  • Anxiety, energized, outwardly focused - Beta brain waves

  • Concentration - Gamma brain waves

Gamma brain waves vibrate at the highest frequency, so when you’re in a gamma state, your brain is literally “tuned in” to a state of intense focus, concentration, and processing of complex information. 

On the opposite end of the spectrum, your brain waves vibrate at a much slower and lower frequency when you’re in a state of deep calm and relaxation, which are ideal for activities like meditation or yoga.

How Brain Tap optimizes your brain waves to help you relax

BrainTap uses the principles of neuroscience to optimize brain wave patterns using a neural-algorithm that stimulates activity across the brain wave spectrum. All you have to do is put on a pair of headphones or the BrainTap headset, choose a specialized audio-session, and sit back. 

Unlike listening to relaxing music or a guided meditation, which may only activate one brain state, BrainTap is designed to guide you through the spectrum of brain wave frequencies to enhance and heighten neural activity in the short- and long-term.

Not only does BrainTap help you feel more relaxed, calm, or focused in the moment, but it’s designed to help you harness and optimize your brain activity even when you are not wearing the headset.

For more information about how BrainTap works and how it can help you manage your stress and anxiety, contact our office today to learn more and schedule an appointment. You can also schedule an appointment online.

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