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Transformational Nutrition

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Lori Hair

Wellness & Nutrition Coach, CTNC-Candidate 

Are you tired of feeling sluggish and bloated? Are you ready to make a change for the better? Then look no further. Our nutrition team at Complete Wellness has designed a wonderful program to help improve your quality of life. If your goal is to lose weight, gain stamina, or simply feel healthier overall, then you are in the right place. Health and wellness begins with nutrition, and our Transformational Nutrition Program is designed to help you learn new habits one step at a time. Scroll down for more information!

What is Transformational Nutrition?
It is the program our team has cultivated to help any and every individual gain a better understanding of nutrition and how vital it is to their quality of life. We start by learning about you and where you are on your health and wellness journey. This way, our nutrition coaches can give you the right tools that fit into your daily life. Every journey begins with a single step.

The first step looks different for everyone. For some, it may be tackling emotional eating. For others, it starts by learning how to shop for groceries. Regardless of where you begin, it is important to understand how every aspect of life is interconnected. Family, daily stress, and even childhood trauma can influence the way we eat and take care of ourselves. This is why our nutritional coaches are trained to learn what you need and how they can help you overcome anything on your journey to a healthier and happier you.

We, at Complete Wellness, understand how overwhelming nutrition and health can be! Just by coming to this page, you are already halfway there! The next step is to make an appointment with one of our nutrition coaches where they can begin uncovering the problems preventing you from living your best life. In your first appointment, you will fill out a detailed intake form that your coach will evaluate and get you started on your journey.

See below for our current Transformational Nutrition packages. Feel free to contact Lori Hair, our transformational nutritional coach, with any questions or concerns! We look forward to working with you.

Silver Package (4 sessions)
  • First Session: 90 minutes; Sessions 2-4: 60 minutes each

  • Private one-on-one coaching sessions: Includes whole body nutritional wellness assessment including nutritional deficiencies. We work to create a customized program for your body, mind and spirit.

  • 8 Sessions of BrainTap 

  • 8 Sessions of Vibratron

  • Unlimited email coaching in between nutrition sessions

  • Follow-up emails after each session summarizing what we covered during the appointment, homework exercises, etc.


Cost: One Payment of $400.00; or 2 Payments of $225.00 (1st payment due on acceptance, second payment due prior to session 3).


Please Note: All Sessions must be used within 3 months of first session.

Healthy Morning
Gold Package (8 sessions)
  • First session: 90 minutes; Sessions 2-8: 60 minutes each

  • Includes everything in Silver Package Plus:

  • Client Specific Supplement recommendation based on your assessment paperwork.

  • One 30-minute mini kitchen makeover in-person or over video call to review your pantry and fridge assessing and suggesting improvements.

  • Two 15-minute "911" calls. Need encouragement sticking to your goals and feel a quick chat will help? Out at dinner and need advice on a menu selection but aren't sure what the best option is for you? I can help!!

  • 16 Sessions of BrainTap 

  • 16 Sessions of Vibratron


Cost: One Payment of $875.00 or 2 Payments of $475.00. (1st payment due on acceptance, second payment due prior to session 5).


Please Note: All sessions to be used within 5 months. 

On the Scales
Platinum Package (12 sessions)
  • First session: 90 minutes; Sessions 2-12: 60 minutes each  

  • Includes everything in Gold Package Plus:

  • Six-month customized supplement inventory to address specific nutritional deficiencies. Top-rated, clean supplements of the highest quality.

  • Two Additional (4 total) 15-minute "911" Calls

  • 24 Sessions of BrainTap 

  • 24 Sessions of Vibratron 

  • 14-day customized meal planning to set the course for your healthy yet simplified lifestyle. This will cover three meals per day, plus snacks.

Cost: One payment of $2000.00 or 2 payments of $1150.00 (1st payment due on acceptance, second payment due prior to session 7).

Please Note: All sessions must be used within 7 months of first session. 

Healthy Salad

Schedule a transformational nutrition appointment with Complete Wellness by phone or online to get started today. 

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